Contrary to today’s market, we have doubled and tripled the “days on the market” in many areas. Without aggressive price-slashing, homes will languish on the market. That’s just for average homes in the majority of the country at the median prices. It’s a difficult market for these homes, but it’s even harder for “special” homes. These homes can be exceptional due to their size, location and price. Other homes may be on land of high value with unique architecture and special development requirements. The Web marketing of these homes has a lot more potential than most real estate professionals realize. They may not even be aware of the potential. No matter what the difficulties, real estate brokerage and selling a home is about “marketing,” not just salesmanship. What’s the difference between marketing and selling? Marketing is an activity that plans to use advertising and media to promote the product to as many potential customers as possible. It’s all about making the prospect respond to your product and presenting it well. Advertising is used for spreading the word. Marketing is the planning and structure of the campaign as well as the choice of media. What It Takes Many real estate agents and brokers have done the exact same thing for many years. They are doing the exact same things over and again. You can’t do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results. That is the definition for insanity.
  • You can place the property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
  • You can place a number of ads in your local newspaper’s real-estate section.
  • Advertise in the local “Homes Magazine” with one photo. Sometimes, you may need two or three photos if you are purchasing a larger ad.
  • Over the past few years, put the property on the broker’s website under “Our Listings” and “Featured Listings.”
  • Wait for your phone to ring.
Let’s discuss print media advertising briefly. Although print media advertising still has its place, especially in old-style image advertising, it cannot compete with the Web. No matter if the paper is a weekly or daily newspaper, ads placed on those days will be the most visible to its subscriber base. Like many real estate ads it is best to place your ad on Saturday and Sunday. However, the paper’s next day will bring you more attention. It might be necessary to get the paper dale mundi toronto back from the bottom if you want to search for a home last weekend. The only way a buyer can see all the home ads is to scan them all. It’s not a fast search process and it is more about convenience. Don’t you think full-color homes magazines are better? They’re actually more colorful. However, they are more difficult to find as they are arranged by the brokerage advertiser and not by home characteristics. The deadline to place ads in these magazines was almost two months prior to publication, according to my experience. After that deadline, there were no exceptions. This means that the material the target prospect finds there is several months old before they even come across it. It’s rare that they receive it at their home so they have to go and get it. It is more about having something to read while they are doing other things or waiting for the dentist.It is very  The Internet home listing is a different matter. It can be up and running within hours and you can make changes at any moment. What about the demographics of readers for newspapers? They’ll tell you they have about 178,000 subscribers but you need to know the rest of their readers. First, you need to eliminate prospects that are too young for a home. Next, you need to eliminate prospects who are too young to buy a home. Next are those who only read “funnies” and “sports”. Then, get rid of most readers that aren’t looking for homes. The number of eyeballs shrinks rapidly to a few thousand, or two per prospect. You can compare the current issues with one issue from five years ago, if you have a stack of newspapers or magazines that date back several years. They will have less ads and less color, so the new issues will be thinner. Print advertising is being squeezed by real estate firms, which are cutting their budgets. Why? It’s not as effective as the Web and is much more expensive. Too many brokers don’t want to tell sellers the truth. They keep running ads, believing that this will sell their homes. Although it may work, it is not as efficient as the Internet. In fact, more people are shopping online for homes. The most skilled real estate professional will focus their listing and marketing efforts on Web placement, syndication, and inventive ways to present their listings via video and images.

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